Checking UK Companies these days can be a bit of a never ending story!

You can see what the company and directors have published to the regulatory but can you see the true insights behind their operation?

Do you actually know how many companies these guys have run and do they deliver what you want?

If they are critical to your supply chain then how often do you check their credentials?

At DataEco we take a 360 view of the company and key players and show cross validations to what’s happening now to what happened in previous companies

We check individually social sentiment and keep up to date taps on any legal proceedings and alert those who need this valuable insight. The data is collected from 1000’s of sources and aggregated together to bring the insight to the top.

We then enrich the measures, running Algorithms on them to show outliers and trends that are not too obvious. We use the facts to generate a Risk Index and help to quickly identify those UK companies who you should stay clear off.

When checking UK Companies a lot of time and effort can be taken up to find the insight that is needed. This is time most businesses don’t simply have that time and simply need insight at a push of a button. With DataEco that is the service we deliver , enabling you to spend more time on your core business activities and worry less.

All of this insight is packaged in our membership service which allows easily navigable browsing of any UK company in your field.

Below is some of the Data we hold by the Numbers:

  • Registered UK Companies   –  4.3 Million

  • Trading – 3.6 Million

  • By GDP :

    •  32.2 Million Service Sector
    • 415K Construction
    • 300K Production Industries
    • 300K Non GDP related
  • Websites : 1.2 Million

  • Email Addresses : 1.4Million

  • Social Media:

    450K User Names

        300K Linked Videos

       420K Company Pages

       550K Company pages

    320K Company Profiles

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