UK Companies and Industries At Risk

29 October 2020

Finding another perspective of the numbers

UK Companies and Industries at Risk

Well it’ been a torrid year for all and the uncertainty of which UK Companies and Industries at Risk of going under is still unfolding.

With pandemic events of Covid-19 thrown upon the UK, the political decisions putting economies and families into lockdown has had its impact.

Where there has been great shouts in certain sectors to prop-up the over exposed industries such as airlines and financial institutions the impact has moved demand to other sectors (i.e. UK holidays).

The LAG factor that has spun up from the termed phase ‘Furlough’ has meant the brunt of the impact has been pushed back as far as possible to enable the economy to trot on.

The numbers being displayed have shown glimpses of the true picture and like so much of the facts being circulated just a mere perspective of the truth

That’s what we are most concerned with here at DataEco –  so presenting numbers and facts is always best to understand perspective.

When we talk about the number of companies in a sector it should be shown also as a percentage of the total for the sector so we understand the magnitude of the numbers.

When trend information is shown it is also best to split the cumulative and the change view so we understand which time periods are having the most events and it enable us to understand the why?

Companies at Risk

Well the number of companies in the UK is always changing and in order to get a perspective it is best to split by industry and show several views of the same numbers. We can see from our little charts below that the trends in the sectors have started to grow from March onwards and now moved nearly 100K companies into a liquidation or administration positions.

We can see obviously by looking at the values that the highest amount is in “Administration services companies” however it is the % of Industry that shows us the biggest hit is actually “Food and Accommodation” with nearly 10% of the sector being driven to fold.

The analysis obviously gives companies indications of what is happening with companies in these sectors but to look deeper we have to look further upstream to Risk flow events.

The chart on the Risk flow page gives us a view of the UK Companies deemed at Medium and High risk. These are needed to highlight potential sectors that maybe seeing the next trend. We can see that the Retail Sector has a high % of companies that are deemed Medium risk and I’m sure the net effects of “Black Friday sales” will have an impact.

Hopefully this little example of looking at data from different views gives you a good understanding that perspective is so important when looking at data.

The COVID-19 analysis should always put totals and % in its analysis as that is what gives people perspective and clear understanding of what is actually going on.

If you would like to dig deeper into the companies behind the numbers then the DataEco platform offers data as a service from as little as £25 a month.

The DataEco platform can aid this process in three ways:

  • Company search views: helping you find companies you engage with and find alternatives if deemed at risk.  ‘Protecting your business.
  • Unique Insight views: allowing you to find sectors that maybe an alternative opportunity if the sector you deal with is falling. ‘Changing Sales strategy
  • Direct search view: Picking out businesses that are in deemed at risk – where you could potentially rescue. ‘Lending a hand’.


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Hopefully , future posts will highlight our sector growth analysis and help spread a better picture for 2021.  🙂