By using DataEco’s easy to use platform you can quickly search for companies from a known and an unknown perspective. We see that a lot of B2B data platforms allow you to search for companies by name and by directors name. However, if you don’t know these companies exist you need a way to find them quickly.

The platform allows you to funnel through the vast amount of companies that operate and filter by lots of useful segments that will help you pin point the companies you need.

All the companies are matched against Industry and location and have their financial filings aggregated so you can see which companies fit your search easily.

Financials company search

DataEco check company financial filings and compare the key financials such as Cash, Debt, Asset and Equity and calculate yearly differences to help show individual and industry growth sectors. All of these values can be used to assess companies or sector strengths and help align marketing campaign focus.

We also create financial banding’s for Equity as well as revenue to help group companies of a certain wealth together so you can easily target them.

This allows quicker navigation in the Industry and Location Dashboards where banding graphics can be clicked through to show underlying companies in each group. This saves time and helps focus on the companies that are in the right financial position for you.

Social company search

With the rise of social platforms modern businesses ensure they have a good social presence so that they can engage in several channels.  DataEco check company social footprints and harvest profile data and metrics such as No of followers or Posts to help show which companies have a good social engagement with their customer bases.

Industry company search

DataEco check company Industry positions and allows financial ranking of the companies against their peers. We hold all ONS industry standards structure which allows the macro and micro analysis for all companies. In understanding average sector costs we can see which companies are performing better than their peers and which are in decline.

Legal company search

DataEco check company legal position by combining data from several sources. We take court and CCJ notices, as well as legal charges and solvency notifications into account and mix these with their financial position to produce a Risk Index. This can then be used to either remove troubling companies from your supply chain or indeed focus on providing help services into these companies.

Location company search

Location data is there to able filtering at country, region and local authority levels. We can even go to postcode area and even postcodes where we identified companies that match.

How are the companies filtered?

On the DataEco Platform we have 6 filter groups that help quickly identify companies that match.

The Filter groups are:

  • Industry
  • Location
  • Financials
  • Company
  • Social
  • Legal

What attributes are used in Industry Growth Insight?

We calculate growth based on whether the industry Average YoY variance for Equity is between banding values.

Decline < 1%

Normal between 1 and 10%

High greater than 10%

How often is the Financial Rankings Updated?

With data ingested 24*7 on the DataEco platform we try to aggregated financial Rank positions on a monthly basis. This allows you to get a perspective who are the top dogs of their sector.


Company Check from various sources


We harvest Risk data from multiple sources, relevant to UK businesses.


We join data,  director and company relationships. We then aggregate risk scores for all.


We deliver it through clear graphics, easy to navigate

Low, Medium and High 

risk filters and shareable download.

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