UK Traffic Jams

15th Jul 2018

The UK traffic Jams have grown larger of the last couple of decades and are now impacting small businesses.

Nearly 70% of the UK workforce commutes to the office by car during rush hour. This means that the average British driver spends 124 hours in traffic on an annual basis. This is predicted to rise to 136 by 2030, meaning that people are spending 18 working days a year in traffic.

Businesses need to come up with plans to reduce this, as it makes employees angrier, less productive, and less healthy. A study conducted by INRIX states that congestion annual cost in UK will be rising to 63% by 2030 to 21 Billion.

The UK highways agency plans show a staggering amount of disruption occurring on the networks but no one is telling your business. The affect that this is happening on your time and resource will be impacting the operation and productivity of your company.

DataEco gets the data value by providing historic and real-time traffic data for multiple areas associated with businesses and industries.  This Allows you to see how you are being affected by worker commutes. Gain insight today to create effective planning of your resources and time to enable a business to operate within the time scales offered to the customers you serve.

By looking at the planned activity and real time pictures you can see where the bottlenecks are occurring and advise the appropriate actions for your staff. This will hopefully enable an effective workforce to operate in these chaotic travel times.