AI in the workforce

15th February 2019

Tomorrows Robot workforce

So what about Machine and Man?

When we hear the term AI we tend to think of the robot army’s of the Hollywood making. We know that the manufacturing industry has always driven towards a more machine driven automated processes. We can’t quite believe that household objects have all started to be redesigned with AI centric processing. The designs of Vacuum cleaners and washing machines use algorithms to allow the best outcomes from use. The other adage for this industrial revolution is the workforce that will build them will probably also be AI centric.

The cost errors in manufacturing has now started to be eliminated by the use of Machine Learning Algorithms. The quality assurance of visual inspection has changed. No longer using experience to distinguish if something looks wrong; can it match the speed or accuracy of the Machines. The technical advancement in digital image recognition has allowed captured data to be learned and processed instantly. This has now led to manufacturer processes that are refined to the extent of minimal errors nearing less than 1%.

So, do we feel threatened that the machine will take all the jobs?

As AI is now maturing certain data and human processes can start to be remodelled. However, it would be true to say that AI has not matured as quick in other areas. The voice recognition has lead to customer facing processes being diverted using chatbots. This however has had its various degrees of success as human interaction is still hard to predict or model.

So is the trick to design a comprise and establish business processes that use a hybrid of machine and man?

This is all great when things go well in these processes but when things out of the ordinary occur the results can be devastating.

Just like the Ocado robotic warehouse distribution operation found recently-

Ocado burning warehouse

So when we design the workforce of the future what inputs have humans got and what is deemed an acceptable ratio of human to machines?

The learnings are still evolving in this space but we definitely know that the workforces of the future will be different.

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