UK Company Search

18 November 2020

Make UK Company Search easy

UK Company Search

The way to perform a UK Company Search depends on the tools you use and how the data has been set-up for easy access.

With many B2B data platform designs, the mechanics for how the task is performed is stored in the underlying database and lots of effort has been made to deliver information at speed.

The other key factor here is, how much data to display on the UI without killing the device you are using?

With these thoughts in mind the need to understand how each user will search will drive how to organise the storage of the data.

For many, the process starts with what the user knows and you may enter part of the Company name to help reduce the 4.7Million UK Companies into a short list that can be easily displayed.

With volumes of data being so large, you need the appropriate tools to display the lists and user interface with scroll bars to help display between 100-1000 records on the screen.

So approaching a search needs to be as quick as possible to keep the user engaged but offer as much flexibility to meet everyones needs.

The unknown approach

The most common search approach is by the Company Name as people will often know the name or part of a company name to aid their search. However, there are a lot of companies out there so alternate ways are needed to allow an effective UK Company Search.

The main objective in a search is to reduce the total down to a meaningful number of companies you are interested in by filtering out the information you don’t want.

For instance, if you were looking for plumbing Companies in Nottingham who are well established, then you need the data connected by Industry sector , Location and age.

With giving the end-user the all these options around the companies , they can quickly perform a Full search and pinpoint what companies they are interested in.

DataEco design

At DataEco, we have taken all these factors into account and store the company data with as many diverse filters as possible so that you can get the best  UK Company search.

The list opposite shows the different possible filters that can be combined to give that specific search criteria.

Industry filters
Location filters
  • Country, Region, Local Authority, Postcode, Location Growth
Financial filters
  • Equity value/ range,  Cash value/ range,  Assets value/ range, Debt value/ range, Equity Banding’s, Revenue Banding’s.
Company filters
  • Trading status,  Age, Name, Number, Employees, Telephone Numbers
Social media filters
  • Website, Twitter,  Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter followers, Instagram followers
Legal filters
  • Risk Level,  Outstanding Charges, Charge Age

Enhancing the Company Data

We ingest data onto the platform from the regulatory and then use the search engine providers with a few data bots to go an acquire related data about the UK Company. We are constantly adding to the data and always looking at ways in which we can improve the flexibility of the filters and answer more business questions.

If you have a question that is not covered by the current filters, then please feel free to email us as we love to know.

Try out the search chart below for yourself and see how easy it is to filter the UK companies for your needs.

If you would like to dig deeper into the companies behind the numbers – the DataEco platform offers data as a service from as little as £20 a month.

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