what is machine learning

13th March 2019

So how does Machine Learning work

Well in the embedded video link below by Udemy training institute you can follow the concepts and quickly understand the use of data in the ML process.

Within business the use of historic data to try and predict the future outcomes is nothing new. Now we have a better way of simulating the numerous possible outcomes and a way of working out the most refined optimum result based on the appropriate input. The processing power available and the rise of Big Data platforms gives us the ability to tackle any business problem.

In todays’s new digital world, the problems old and new can be re-visited with a new ML capability where we can let the machines work harder for us and help us reach those business goals.

Whether it be greater profit, better cost efficiency or even least environmental impact, we can look back more vigorously and apply a more data and ML processing to create better outcomes for the future.

The aligned timing of cloud computing and big data processing means we can compute billions and billions of processing quicker and more cost effective using computers that have emerged. The advancement of scalability in how computers can advance their power has meant our problem toolbox has just had a massive boost.

Also, the emergence of new open coding languages has enabled quick learning of new methods and processes that can produce outstanding mathematical outcomes.

Enjoy the video and concepts that it brings and then click into the DataEco to see how we have applied that to UK Business Insight.