When it comes to information in business UK Companies data is essential. With having this knowledge to hand you can plan so many activities in your business better. The pro’s and con’s of doing such activities can be easily assessed by knowing the clear facts.

These days the source of information on companies is not just primarily held by the company themselves. You have to look at the Industry they work in, the location they are based and of course what their customers are saying!

With most modern businesses there will be an online presence in the form of a website and some social media activities. Looking at UK Companies Data from a social footprint perspective show’s companies in a particular new light! We can now distinguish Companies that have a large social engagement with their customer base from those who don’t.

We are now seeing the impact in the fast growth of small business types which is underpinned by strong social followers and marketing activities. Even though the traditional types of businesses still dominate their markets their change in business models have evolved. The types of customer journeys have transformed with initial channels being mainly online. Businesses who can take orders and payments online open up their potential customer base a lot further and tend to thrive in this digital economy.

When starting to look for insight on companies you can see traditional models still exist out there. Companies wanting to sell you big master datasets and you hoping to find something useful within the limited download you pay for. With taking a more modern approach to data analysis and offering purchase as a subscription model, you benefit from always having access to the latest view.

Check out a quick snapshot below and see how the current UK Company data is split by economic GDP Sectors and Industries.

Take a look at the latest Uk Companies data in our great insight service. Can you spot the companies that are winning and highlight those which are just keeping their head above water.

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