UK Economy Bounces Back

12 November 2020

UK Economy Bounce back

UK Economy Bounces Back

Well it was the signs that we were looking for and for sure the UK Economy is bouncing back.

The analysts out there that predicted a V Shape recovery was right and like any great nation with a challenge we persisted in delivering business products and services.

The GDP Figures out today 12th November show that so many of the sectors had a V Shaped recovery in the index and this although a LAG measure was something people were expecting.

Even though the commuting crowds halted in the early March, the figures from the transport traffic indicates people and businesses are on the move again.

Whilst the media and government focus was on an arbitrary R value the rest of the country and businesses were just getting on with what could be done at the time.

The main impact from initial lockdown was the prospect of home schooling and working at the same time which forced a grounding affect on households.

With the National institutes of Health and Education playing a vital role in the recovery process we can all take lessons and acknowledge what an important role they play in society.

Now with the key focus geared towards the silver bullet solution of vaccination and how quickly and safely the pharmaceutical industry can delivery we could be thinking all of this will soon be behind us.

Companies business as usual

With so many companies changing the way they operate to deal with the pandemic constraints, will the new ways in which we operate become the norm?

The emphasis on “Social Distancing” has been driven from a state of fear but how much will that affect businesses in the long run when people interactions are replaced with digital interactions.

Obviously, technology has helped drastically overcome the constraints and burdens of operating in these times but the sense of normality in which we need to interact with people face to face still needs to happen.

The analysis focus on businesses operating in the new ways must include a measure on employees mental health and ensure we get the balance right for future.

The positive affect of missing commuter stresses has to be balanced with the work from home “Cabin fever” mentality that has burdened so many.

Industry focus – UK Economy bounces back

As with all data – at DataEco we have always tried to give people the opportunity to look at the big picture as well as the part that they are interested in.

With the charts below showing that we still have 4.7 Million companies in the UK and we can see easily how this splits across the sectors by age and financial banding’s.

By selecting an Industry we can see the makeup of subdivisions and sub sectors and by clicking the GDP button you can quickly see the overall Industry Index.

As with the GDP, you can see that we all contribute a part to it and we now have a stronger understanding that by supporting other sectors we will all be better off in the UK.

If you would like to dig deeper into the companies behind the numbers – the DataEco platform offers data as a service from as little as £20 a month.

The DataEco platform can aid in three ways:

  • Company search views: helping you find companies you engage with and find alternatives if deemed at risk.  ‘Protecting your business.
  • Unique Insight views: allowing you to find sectors that maybe an alternative opportunity if the sector you deal with is falling. ‘Changing Sales strategy
  • Direct search view: Picking out businesses that are in deemed at risk – where you could potentially rescue. ‘Lending a hand’.


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Lets’ hope we continue this momentum into 2021 and beyond  🙂